10 Best Places To Visit In Canada

Our northern neighbor offers a wide range of vacation spots, from the urban streets of Toronto to the alpine peaks of the Canadian Rockies. It can be challenging to choose which one is ideal for your upcoming vacation. To create this list of the top tourist destinations in Canada, U.S. News took into account a variety of elements, including user feedback and expert opinions, affordability, entertainment opportunities, and the range of hotels and resorts. Vote for your favorite location below to influence the ranking for the following year. In addition, you can view our rating of the Best Hotels in Canada here. (Note: The coronavirus outbreak may have an impact on some of the following locations. CDC and the US Department of State should be consulted.

1. Banff

2. Jasper National Park

3. Vancouver

4. Montreal

5. Quebec City

6. Victoria & Vancouver Island

7. Whistler

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