Kirkjufell Iceland

Kirkjufell, often known as “Church Mountain,” is a distinctively shaped peak situated not far from the town of Grundarfjörur on Iceland’s Snaefellsnes Peninsula. The mountain is frequently referred to as “the most photographed mountain in Iceland” because of its striking structure and ideal seaside location.

The name Kirkjufell refers to the mountain’s likeness to a church steeple, which has long, curving sides and a pointy top. Other perspectives have compared the mountain to a witch’s hat or even a bowl of just-scooped ice cream.

Photography at Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall

Kirkjufell, with a peak elevation of 463 meters (1519 feet), is a striking structure. The stunning slopes of Kirkjufell have served as a beacon for visitors and seamen for many years. In more recent times, it has drawn both amateur and expert photographers.

The peaceful and wonderfully situated Kirkjufellsfoss, or “Church Mountain Falls,” is next to Kirkjufell and makes for a lovely subject for photographers who can easily frame the mountain in the background. Despite its relatively modest height, Kirkjufellsfoss is as impressive as some of Iceland’s larger waterfalls thanks to its three steps, gentle flow, and striking seasonal variations.

Visitors can also find a lake at the foot of the mountain, which, on calm, clear days, perfectly mirrors Kirkjufell and provides even more opportunity for breathtaking photos.

Additionally, Kirkjufell’s colors change with the seasons; in the summer, they are a vibrant, lush green, whereas in the winter, they take on a mask of bleak brown and white. Of course, it is more magnificent during the weeks leading up to the June equinox when it is illuminated by the midnight sun and during the northern lights, which are best seen between September and April.

Kirkjufell will be recognized by viewers of the HBO series Game of Thrones as a filming site from Season 7. When Jon Snow, The Hound, and Jorah Mormont, among others, brave the wilderness in hopes of catching an undead wight, the mountain is featured in the “Beyond the Wall” episode.

The Hound refers to Kirkjufell as “the mountain like an arrowhead” after having seen it in a vision, and the events that take place there are among the most dramatic in the episode.

How to reach Kirkjufell

A little village on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula named Grundarfjörur, which is slightly over two hours’ drive from Iceland’s capital city Reykjavk, lies near to Kirkjufell. The base of Kirkjufell can be reached by traveling a short distance west along Route Snaefellsnesvegur 54 from Grundarfjörur.How to reach Kirkjufell Paket Tour Iceland