Places You Should Visit In Russia

The largest nation on earth truly has it all, including mountains, valleys, freezing lands, warm sands, and an astounding variety of breathtaking natural attractions that are sure to impress any traveler.

The architectural beauty of the Russian Empire is still evident in some of the country’s oldest towns, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in their grand parks, shopping malls, and even their metro stations.

The opportunity to experience things like the breathtaking grandeur of the tundra, the Northern Lights, volcanoes, and more skiing than you could ever imagine is offered by other cities and areas, including remote locations in Siberia and the Far East.

Check out our list of the top locations to visit in Russia, which includes everything from imposing gilded palaces to colossal natural areas.

1. Moscow

Moscow is the destination of the majority of international flights, therefore it’s important to schedule your travel so you have at least a few hours to tour the city. The capital city of Russia is a spectacular blend of natural beauty, breathtaking architecture, and numerous artifacts from earlier eras.

The Kremlin, Red Square, and the vibrant St. Basil’s Cathedral are all in the city’s center, where visitors to Moscow typically begin their explorations. Even for tourists who are unable to purchase the expensive brands offered here, the glass and steel-roofed retail center GUM is a well-liked location and a fantastic spot to sample real Russian cuisine.

If you can acquire tickets, the Bolshoi Theater, one of the biggest ballet and opera theaters in the world, is also worthwhile a visit.

Moscow’s biggest attractions, like the boardwalk along the River Moskva and the pedestrian-only Stary Arbat shopping area, are best explored on foot.

The Metro stations in Moscow are works of art unto themselves, embellished with porcelain relief, crystal chandeliers, and distinctive mosaic artworks, giving these locations the appearance of subterranean palaces. The two most beautiful metro stations to visit are Kiyevskaya station, which is decorated with white marble, paintings, and exquisite artwork, and Mayakovskaya station, which features ceiling mosaics and pink rhodonite columns.

2. St Petersburg

Despite being smaller than Moscow, St. Petersburg actually has a lot to offer and is frequently too large to see in a single day. St. Petersburg has a more European air than Moscow does, with beautiful art and superb design elements blending with history at every turn. You can take a cruise to see some of the 300 kilometers of canals that run through the imperial city, or you can explore it on foot to see the architecture up close and personal.

Visit the Moika Palace, most known for being the location where Rasputin was assassinated, and the Neoclassical, 19th-century St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which is actually a Russian Orthodox museum, for a dazzling overload of white and gold hues.

The Hermitage Museum, the second-largest art and culture museum in the world and arguably St. Petersburg’s most well-known tourist destination, houses a collection of more than three million objects, ranging from prehistoric art (including items from the nomadic tribes of the Altai) to Catherine the Great’s art collection.

Peterhof Palace is around 25 kilometers outside of St. Petersburg and is well worth the day trip. It is quite similar to the Palace of Versailles in France and was constructed in the early 1700s as Peter the Great’s summer home.

3. Peterhof

The Peterhof Palace is the city’s claim to fame, despite the fact that it is home to a university and a significant Russian watch manufacturing. The palace grounds span nearly 4000 hectares and were initially planned and constructed in the early 1700s for Tsar Peter the Great in a style that is similar to the Palace of Versailles.

Around the palace, there are 173 garden fountains, some of which, like the Grand Cascade fountains, have unique characteristics that turn on water jets when people approach. The lower gardens feature marble statues, shady walking lanes, and even an aviary pavilion. They were constructed in the French formal style.

The Grand Palace is a masterpiece of construction, with regal hues (there are gold accents everywhere), artwork from Asia and the Far East, walls adorned with genuine Chinese silk, and a sizable ballroom with gilded carvings. The palace has ten different museums, each housing 18th-century art, furniture, and palace relics.

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