The Beauty of The Moscow Metro

I don’t just say it because I’m Russian; the Moscow city metro system boasts the most gorgeous metro stations I’ve ever seen! Okay, maybe in part, but truly, each station is so exquisite that it feels almost like a palace.

There are 203 metro stations, and the majority of them have amazing architecture. Astonishing museum or palace-style decor may be seen in some of the more spectacular ones, along with columns, statues, and paintings.

The stunning entrances into the city’s underground district resemble great halls more than they do train stops.

SUBWAY STATIONS ARE OFTEN SORDI places, the gloomy entrances to a city’s seedier side. However, if you are in Moscow, the opposite is definitely true.

The metro stations in the Russian metropolis are architectural marvels, possibly the most magnificent in the entire world. Because of how beautiful the stations are, they don’t appear to be entrances to a subterranean transportation system but rather lavish grand rooms.

Each and every station is unique. Some have walls covered in vibrant mosaics and stained-glass windows, while others have incandescent chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Every one of them acts as a miniature gallery, ready to draw in the more than 2.4 billion people who use the subway system worldwide each year.

The opulent design of the stations serves more than just aesthetic purposes. It acts as a form of socialist system propaganda. Some of the stations have patterns that are dotted with socialist symbols like the sickle and hammer. There are numerous statues and depictions of socialist leaders. Initially, socialist realist art was also shown in the metro stations.

Know Before You Go

The magnificent metro stations can be located all throughout Moscow, however the Komsomolskaya station’s address and location are listed above. Stations like Kiyevskaya, Novoslobodskaya, and Taganskaya are a few of the other most impressive. Any duration of trip just costs $1 for a metro ticket. So, if you stay in the stations, you can spend the entire day taking trains while marveling at the wonderful stops. Every two to three minutes, trains run. Weekends and prime travel times might be hectic.